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Over the course of the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it. Then I’ll show you how YOU can do it – for FREE.

But before we go any further, in order to truly understand how to do this, you need to start out in the beginning.

A Journey Of Pain, Struggle, And Heartbreak…

Let’s get this straight…

My entire life has been filled with pain. Failed business after failed business. Let down after let down. Wasted talent.

Deals falling through. Heartbreak after heartbreak. As soon I’m about to catch a break – something goes wrong.

Back to square one. Dead broke. No connections. No clue how the hell to get out of my current situation.

The saddest part about the whole thing… I know its my fault.

I used to point the finger – this guy, then that guy.

But as the years have weathered me – I know it’s all on me. This kills me.

I lay awake sometimes wondering if I’m weak…Or stupid.

A little piece of me dies after each failure.

I wonder if my life will ever change for the better or if ill be stuck working dead end jobs while i try to “figure it out”

In my heart of all hearts, I know something will click. I’ll be vindicated.

All the studying. All the reading, education, and learning. All the struggling.

All of the trying to explain what I am doing to others.

It will all pay off…Because I know I have what it takes.

My Life Played Out Like That For Too Long…

Too many wasted years. Too many “ifs” and “buts.” Too many days wasted “waiting on my moment.”

And while I did read voraciously and was smarter than 99% of the people around me…

Being “smarter” doesn’t equal wealth. Never has. Never will.

“Knowledge work is not defined by quantity. Neither is knowledge work defined by its costs. Knowledge work is defined by its results.” – Peter Drucker

It’s all about taking action and executing a solid plan.

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who’s struggled their entire life or a rookie entrepreneur out of high school…

Whoever executes a profitable system the fastest and most efficiently WINS.

Here’s a little secret – nobody is coming to save the day.

It’s all on you. Either you execute and arbitrage a dollar into two or you struggle forever. It’s that simple.

See, I had always been an entrepreneur at heart.

And I hate to be cliche but…

I Really Have Tried It All

No money down real estate

Biz opp after biz opp.

I even gave it a run as a Forex trader before falling flat on my face.

I’d jump around from one business to another, trying to find something that worked.

Little did I know this is a recipe for disaster.

The businesses all could have worked. It was me who was malfunctioning.

As soon as I’d start to get some feedback , I’d quit for the next “GREAT opportunity.”

But from day one, my real true love was always… The INTERNET

– The automation
– The cost effectiveness
– The “always on” effect
– The scalability
– The quick, cheap, and easy testing and feedback

Very powerful stuff.

If I had stayed focused on it, I would have made REAL money so much quicker.

The honest truth is that when I first tried making money online…

I Failed Miserably

I was overwhelmed by information.

And burdened by tech issues.

I dabbled in almost every business model from CPA to Adsense and failed miserably again

This is a big issue for new and struggling coaches, experts and info/internet marketing entrepreneurs – Tons and tons of segmented, splintered information and no cohesive, logical, step by step, A to Z processes.

Combine that with a bunch of hype filled promises, unrealistic expectations, and absolutely no REAL training…

And nobody has a damn shot.

It wasn’t until I realized that the real key to building a successful internet marketing business has absolutely nothing to do with the “Internet”

In order to really run this business the right way…

You need to learn a set of skills, rules, and principles that pretty much nobody teaches.

Having this skill set is the difference between success and failure, losing money and making money, and a $5k business and a $1 Million business.

You Need To Become Militant

Let’s cut through the BS and hype you’ve heard in the past.

FACT: Building a successful online business IS NOT EASY. (Especially the first time)

In fact, It’s getting harder (for the untrained) every single day. (easier for people like me)

What worked 5 years, 3 years, and even last year isn’t going to work anymore.

You have to approach this business like you’re a trained killer.

The elite of the elite… A Special Forces operative. A Navy Seal. An SAS airman.

You have to be ELITE in order to crush your competition. WHY?

As markets mature, they get smarter.

This means lazy, uneducated practitioners get shut down.

Those who adapt…THRIVE.

It Wasn’t Always This Difficult

Up until just a few years ago, you could find some merchants sales/landing page that was converting really well…

Open up an Adwords account…

And drive cheap traffic to it via your affiliate link.

Essentially you were an arbitrageur – A traffic broker.

It cost you $.25 cents a click.

You were promoting a $97 dollar ebook that paid a 50% commission ($48.50 to you)

And let’s conservatively say it converted at 1% (very easy) 1/100 people bought.

100 clicks cost you $0.25 or $25

You made 1 sale from that click volume – $97 in revenue

$48.50 To you – $25 traffic cost = $23.50 (almost doubled up)

(These numbers are very conservative. Imagine a 3% conversion rate and $.05 clicks!)

That my friend is a license to print money.

That business model has gone the way of the dodo.

And I’m GLAD it’s gone.

(Rightfully so. No value was created by the arbitrageur. The market eventually tightens up and corrects itself.)

Unfortunately for most, to get to this point today requires much more work on your end.

Maybe work is the wrong word.

Strategy or competitive advantage is a better way to state it.

Back then, any fool with a credit card could set this up and make things happen.

We were able to capitalize on the immaturity of the market.

Fast Forward To Today…

It requires a different set of skills to make this happen.

You actually have to be a GOOD MARKETER!

Unbelievable, what a revelation!

You have to be good at convincing people to buy your stuff (or stuff your promoting) to make money!

Ask yourself…Can you get people to do what you want them to do? Nothing else matters.

Cracking the code really is that simple. But here’s the issue:

Very few actually know how to do this.

That’s why they get paid so well and the others fail.


All of the tech stuff, loopholes, crazy techniques, or secret traffic strategies add up to JACK SHIT!

Anyone who builds their business on FAD stuff will always have to constantly change gears.

This means constant adaptation.

One loophole to the next.

(side note: do you even know if any of these loopholes work? I’ve never seen one.)

There’s a reason these guys go out of business. They can’t keep up. They have to constantly be changing their gameplan.

And it’s why they constantly come and go (or never make it in the beginning)

The way I market my businesses is different than 99% of the other wannabees.

(I don’t even like being known as an Internet Marketer. This is just the medium I use to sell)

Some may call it…

Old School

But bottom line, it flat out works.

It has worked since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so FOREVER.

As long as human genetics, behavior, and brain chemistry still operate the same way…

I will continue to thrive.

The reason – I build my businesses in an extremely unique, yet powerful way.

I call this process Advanced Internet Marketing System (A.I.M.S.)

I want to tell YOU all about it.

Master Humans – Not Technology

Advanced Internet Marketing System is based on very powerful, yet simple principles:

MEDIUMS and TECHNOLOGY (word of mouth, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, web pages, social media, email, etc.) will always come and go. Human Psychology remains the same.

The principles you are about to learn will always stay the same. It really doesn’t matter if we’re communicating by telepathy in the future. Reason is…

As humans we are genetically hardwired to behave certain ways. The marketer who understands, grasps, and embraces these behaviors gets rich.

The mind control portion of Advanced Internet Marketing System has been used effectively since the beginning of time.

These principles are all based on persuasion and human psychology.

Persuasion is the most powerful skill anybody can have in this world.

When you become a student of marketing, sales, and human psychology…


Are we clear?

In order to succeed, you have to get your market to take your desired action. (Don’t worry I’ll show you how to easily do this later)


What I’m about to show you is incredibly powerful. When you take your new found prowess as a master motivator and persuader and combine it with a systematic, automatic, contact sequence you now have massive LEVERAGE and CONTROL.

When you combine the ability to persuade with an automated, systematic, style of direct response marketing, you have what I believe…

The most powerful business in the world that you can start on a shoe string budget

Best of all, you can scrap/tweak losers cheaply and scale up winners very quickly once you get the hang of it.

With Advanced Internet Marketing System you can setup multiple streams of income (Info businesses) that yield huge ROI and run on complete autopilot.

From There It Gets Fun And Profitable.

Once you have one of these systems up and running you’ve got a GREAT “problem” on your hands:

  1. You can either build out a back end for it (your own products, high ticket items, coaching programs, seminars, etc.)
  2. You can let it run automatically unscathed, putting money in your pocket everyday.
  3. You can simply start another business in a different niche.

Now you’re in the kill zone.

I have a few requirements for these business.

I set them up in a very unique way.

This building process is what Advanced Internet Marketing System is all about.

Screw one of these up, and you’re entire system will be out of whack.

Breaking Down Advanced Internet Marketing System

The Core Components of Advanced Internet Marketing System (A.I.M.S.)

  1. Automatic
  2. Systematic
  3. Trackable
  4. Optimization
  5. Hollywood
  6. Direct Response
  7. Helping

Let’s start with the SYSTEMATIC portion of Advanced Internet Marketing System.

1. Automatic

This is of prime importance. Tools have to run the business for me.

If I can’t automate, I stay away. My businesses’ need to be running automatically while I’m building new assets or relaxing.

2. Systematic

Advanced Internet Marketing System is very clear cut.

First “A” happens. If the prospect takes said action than “B” or “C.” Than “D” comes.

It’s a clear, logical progression toward my END GOAL – Which is to sell my product or service.

(Key point here… Your end goal – the sale- should align with the prospects end goal – their goal being achieved. More about how to do this later.)

3. Trackable

Every link, traffic source, ad, creative, etc. must be accounted for and tracked.

We have to know our metrics so we can kill losers and scale winners.

4. Optimization

Now that we understand what is working and what isn’t, we go in and tweak. Find out what is working and what isn’t.

Look at it like a huge block of clay.

We chip and chisel until we have a beautiful sculpture.

This handles the SYSTEMATIC portion of Advanced Internet Marketing System.

The heart and soul of Advanced Internet Marketing System is the persuasion elements.

What we call the MIND CONTROL.

Here are the core components:

5. Hollywood

Storytelling and entertainment.

We utilize some components from show business to keep our audience engaged and coming back for more. This component allows us to build massive rapport and real, long term relationships.

It also covers up any shortcomings you might have as a copywriter.

6. Direct Response Marketing

This is the most powerful form of advertising in the world.

Everyone used to look at advertising as an “army of little salesmen.”

Then scum bags from Madison Avenue took over the industry and created the notion of “creative or brand advertising.”

With DRM, every marketing piece/advertisement we run has the goal of generating some type of direct action.

7. Helping/Value Adding

Yes I’m talking about actually helping people.

No – I’m not Ghandi or a do-gooder…

But something really powerful happens when you actually help people achieve there goals:


Just remember for now, we always subscribe the the “Strategy of Preeminence” by Jay Abraham.

We start helping before cash changes hands.

When these elements are properly combined, you own a very powerful formula for success.


It’s a recipe that changes lives. And it brings business back to the what it should always have been about – Relationships.

In the past, you couldn’t build profitable business relationships for cheap.

You either had to spend a ton of time with somebody aka face to face, over the phone, etc.

You had to invest time into a relationship.

Marketers had to sell right up front because the cost of following up was much greater.

Today we can help our prospects, build a relationship with them, and stay in constant contact for so cheap its not even funny.

Best of all, we can do it automatically.

With the tools we have available to us today, we can build huge businesses and our customers will love us for it.

It’s like running a one man fortune 500 company – conceived in one entrepreneurs mind and run by his slaves (technology).

Continuing To Stack The Deck In Your Favor

Now that you understand Advanced Internet Marketing System, you’re ahead of 90% of anyone who tries to “dabble” in internet marketing.

But there’s so much more to Advanced Internet Marketing System you need to learn.

You need the nitty gritty details so you can start to implement right?

Let me share the big picture with you. It starts with one of the most frequently asked questions I get:

“Should I create my own products or pitch someone else?”

Time For A Paradigm Shift

Let’s step back for a moment.

First things first, you need to understand basic business fundamentals in order to succeed.

It’s a simple equation…

You give me “x” amount of currency (aka value) and I return an equal amount of “x” services (value) to you.

This methodology is the basis of all commerce .

I refuse to stop there in my enterprise – I always shoot to give my clients 10 TIMES what they give me in the form of currency.

In most commodity based businesses, it’s harder to do this.

But since I sell “information” or “solutions to problems” the actual product has no cost associated with delivery.

For example, let’s say Tropicana sells a carton of orange juice for $2.50 .

I, can’t come into business and give you 10 cartons for $2.50, or can I ?

No way.

I’d be out of business in 10 minutes.

But when you sell “solutions”, you can literally…


Look at it like this…

If an INFO PRODUCT was a commoditized product (like the OJ) I could basically give you 10 copies of the same products because there are no real costs associated with delivery.

I could actually give you the 10 cartons for $2.50 in the “Info” world.

Does this make sense?

Obviously I wouldn’t sell someone ten copies of the same information, but I can build other solutions around my main one to really help people.

My additional costs to ad all of this value? Nothing.

It’s the power of selling non tangible products.

Pretty cool huh?

Well, I do have to admit…


By stacking the value in a ridiculous way in favor of my clients…

It makes it way easier to sell my stuff to them!

That’s why the internet and info products are a REAL marketers dream.

We can basically spend all of our revenue on ADVERTISING!

I’m rambling. What I’m getting at is this…

Stop looking at this business like you are an affiliate or a vendor. You are simply a purveyor of solutions.

That’s what your business does.

It helps people overcome very specific problems.

You don’t just promote some random marketers dating product because it has a good sales page.

You find what your client wants, and deliver to him…

The Best Solution The Market Offers

Whether it’s your product or some random guy’s, as long as it helps your clients get closer to their end goal…


You own the attention and relationship (the most important aspect of a successful business.)


Any products you decide to create or promote simply fall into your funnel as hand in glove, bespoke, congruent fits.

Pretty powerful huh?

Starting to understand Advanced Internet Marketing System?

If done properly it’s the most powerful marketing strategy ever to exist.

And it can be created on a shoe string budget.

It doesn’t only work for online businesses – it works for anyone that has something to sell.

So why operate online?

One Reason – It’s The Most Automatable Medium

It’s also the most efficient.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other ways to do business, and you can make big money offline.

But what separates Advanced Internet Marketing System from other ways of doing business is that we can get huge results from smaller amounts prospects. (CHEAP and FAST)

This eventually will turn into huge results from HUGE amounts of prospects.

Here’s why you run Advanced Internet Marketing System:

  1. Rabidly Profitable – HIGH ROI, Huge profit potential from small client base
  2. Easy To Run – Minimal amount of time once you have it setup, just tweaking and optimizing
  3. Clients Love You – People email you telling you how much they love you.

Does it get any better?

Hell NO.

So how do you learn Advanced Internet Marketing System?

When All You Want To Do Is Make Money

Here’s the issue with the “IM Training” online space today:

  • One guy is an expert in PPC
  • One guy is an expert in SEO
  • One guy wants to teach you how to make money on Amazon
  • One guy has this whiz bang traffic system that brings in 80k visitors in a day
  • One guy will teach you how to build info products
  • So on and so forth…

You get the idea. But before I start bashing anybody I want to make this crystal clear…

There are a ton of quality vendors out there who will teach you how to do all those things very effectively.

I’ve bought countless training myself and implemented a multitude of them.

Here’s the issue… assuming the training programs are great (most don’t add up to dog shit) – you have no direction.

Most “experts” teach you how to do ONE thing.

That one thing might help you tremendously, it may enlighten you, it may save time, whatever…

But does it really teach you how to do what you’re here to do?


HELL NO! This is a HUGE issue.

Everybody has something to teach you, but nobody wants to teach you how to make money.

Learn to do PPC – but you’re offer sucks or you’re not presenting it right? Goodbye.

Have a great offer – but you can’t drive traffic? How the hell do you make money?

Over-night SEO guru? If you can’t get a damn soul to take action, what good is it?

You bought a great course on time management and you’re starting to feel more productive?

It doesn’t add up to dog shit if you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

This is what you’re going to learn inside of Advanced Internet Marketing System.

I’m not gonna teach you how to drive 8 million visitors in 30 seconds… And you won’t learn how to create some flash in the pan push button system that makes $250k in a day.

You’re going to learn what really counts…


Once you have these down, and you’re making money, THEN you can start worrying about other stuff.

(I’m not saying great graphics and SEO won’t help you, it’s just not top priority right now)

Here’s the key to this business that nobody tells you…

  1. As fast as humanly possible, you need to get yourself to a point where you understand what is going on enough that you can make a living.
  2. Once your making money and a living, then you can build real wealth.

The key is in the first venture. Every future one builds off of that first.

The first one takes the longest to build and it is the “worst.” You tweak and tweak and tweak some more.

While you’re tweaking you’ve got another project, (maybe in a different niche or building on you’re current one)

Right out of the gate, the copy is a million times better, the experience is a million times better, you service your customers a million timers better.


You’ve done this before.

It’s becoming second nature.

Now You’re First Business Is Incredible And So Is Your Second

But you still tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak.

Guess what, it’s time to start the third.

Now you’re outsourcing. You’ve got people doing the grunt work for you. You simply worry about the marketing and let the third world techies and outsourcers go to bat.

(This is the secret to really scaling a huge IM biz)

Do you understand how it works?

You get your chops, you learn the business ASAP, no fluff no BS, no crazy methods or shiny objects. Just the basics.

You’ve got your living. Then you get wealthy.

Best of all, you’re in complete control.

You want to have 1 Atm, 10 Oil Wells, or 500 businesses paying you every month…

That’s completely up to you. Let your lifestyle dictate.

Unfortunately, truly mastering Advanced Internet Marketing System goes beyond the scope of this web page.

You understand how it works now, but only have about 1/100th of what you really need to make it work for you.

Now it’s up to you…

Take your chances with those odds, or let me show you how to do that..

Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh is creator of Mid Mind Marketing & founder of digital agency in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a highly sought after consultant whose work has impacted over 100s of businesses around the world.

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